Pregnancy post.

This is my first pregnancy blog post, I am now 6 months pregnant. It seems to be going very quickly but I think that’s because I have been so busy setting up the salon, that has really kept me on my toes! Myself and Joe are doing up our house and want it done before babs arrives so I haven’t even looked at buggies or baby stuff yet but we’ll get there.

Everything is great with Baby, I actually had an anatomy scan because my kidneys aren’t great so they wanted to check baby’s too and everything is A OK! It was such a detailed scan, we could see everything, could see little baby yawn and all ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve been wanting to find out the sex but the doctors can’t tell us, with the way baby is positioned when getting scanned and where the umbilical cord is. We are thinking of booking a 3D scan. Our next scan in the hospital is our 32 weeks scan in June.

We are heading away in 2 weeks to Portugal for a little holiday, I can’t wait!! Although i don’t know if I am looking forward to the bikinis with my expanding body. I’ll be 26 weeks when we go and with it being quite early in the summer I don’t think it will be that busy or too hot so just perfect for us.

I’m struggling a bit with the weight gain, I’m not used to carrying weight, and worked really hard in the gym last year but I do love my bump. It’s still quite small for 6 months but I like looking like I’m actually pregnant instead of chubby ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been loving H&M maternity jeans, but preferring the stretchy kind, I’ve gone up a size in normal clothes, I’m sure that will go up as I get bigger.

I have been lashing on the Bio oil but have found some small stretch marks on the insides of the tops of my legs, somewhere I didn’t even think I’d get them. But you can barely see them so I’m not too worried.

Anyways, that’s my little bump blog post, I’ll start doing OOTD bump posts as I keep getting bigger. It can be hard to dress up or find something that suits or even want to get dressed at all, lol!!

Thank you for reading, much love <3

Coia & Bump Xx


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy post.”

  1. Im 25weeks now and iv lots of energy in my mind but my body is telling me different. Im the same like you cant get used to the extra weight gain. I love all the different little kicks and movements. My hair has never been better, its after getting tick and looks so healthly. H&M is my fav for the clothes there so comfy. Sleeping aint so good as i do be up to the loo but other then that im loving my pregnancy so far. Im keeping mine as a surprise. We can’t wait to see our bundle of joy in august. Loving our bump…
    Looking forward for your updates.
    Leanne and bump ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    1. Aw congrats! I’m adamant not to let the pregnancy slow me down, but I do need my two days off to recover from a busy week in the salon. Picked up some Skechers to help the feet and so far so good, they’re like cushions!

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