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Hi Guys!

So I’m trying to get myself in gear and get back into the world of blogging after a busy few months!

As most of you know I opened my salon Hemera in March, which has gone very well and we have a great team in the salon. Just after I had Evvie we changed brands in the salon over to alfaparf and joico, a change which has made a a great difference to the salon and has been a huge success!

As the salon is going from strength to strength we are planning a refurbishment soon to add more sections to our ever expanding salon.



The biggest and best change of my life this year happened on the 5th of August when my little chicken arrived into our lives!! Evvie has kept me busy these last 6 weeks so all of my attention is focusing on her!


This little lady has brought so much love and happiness into our lives!! She was in a little bit of rush to arrive as she was 12 days early and a dainty little baby at 5.8. She is going from strength to strength every week and getting so big and strong!


She’s such a little cutie!! 🙂

As if all that isn’t enough myself and Joe have been refurbishing a house for about a year! It’s all coming together so nicely and we’re getting so close to moving in!! At the minute we’re deciding on kitchens, (our biggest debate) and furniture and then we’re in, we can’t wait!!

So that is what has kept me pretty busy this year!! I’m back doing a few hours(very limited) in the salon as I really miss doing hair and makeup!

The downside of self employment, not being able to step away from work for 6 months maternity leave, the upside being able to pick and choose your hours and not having to go back to work full time.

I’m going to be back doing snapchat tutorials again, blogging a lot more and we are going to start doing tutorials and pictorials in the salon so don’t forget to check the salon out on Facebook!


Thanks so much for reading!! If you guys have suggestions or ideas you might like to see let me know!

Much Love <3

Coia Xx


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