SOSU Contour Palette- Review

I know I’m late to the party with the SOSU Contour Palette but I purchased it about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been wearing it quite a bit and I have to say I really like it!!

One thing I will say is that when I’m really pale the palette is a little too dark for me but I wear tan most of the time now whether it be instant or gradual tan. I feel like I have better coverage in my makeup when I’m that bit darker.



Shade 1 is your cream concealer to highlight, shade 2 is your cream contour, shade 3 is your setting powder, shade 4 is a lighter cream contour, shade 5 is your cream highlight and shade 6 is your powder contour!

In the pic below I used every shade in the palette, I used shade 4 as my foundation!


Shade 4 has a beautiful tone that goes really well for foundation when wearing tan. Shade 1 (our cream concealer) is a lovely light shade, very creamy and blends well! Everything creases under my eyes but this concealer hasn’t creased too badly on me. Shade 3 (our setting powder) is a really nice colour too, sets concealer very well and gives extra coverage!

Shade 2(cream concealer) is again nice and creamy and very blendable, it is dark and quite pigmented so a little goes a long way!

Shade 6 (our powder contour) again quite dark and pigmented so start with a little bit and build up your contour!

Shade 5 (our highlighter) this is a fab cream highlighter with a lovely tone that really adds a glow to the face! It can be worn very subtly. If you like more drama with your highlight I would just pop some powder highlight on top, I used sparkle dust 01 from Inglot!


So in my little demo pic above I’m showing you the placement of the products!

The red areas are where you will use your cream concealer and also your setting powder!

The blue areas are where you will contour, I used both cream and powder. Cream contour first and then apply powder afterwards! As I said previously shade 4 is my foundation in this picture.

Then the yellow is where you will apply your cream highlighter, I use my ring finger and dab it in to these areas. For more of a pop I added Inglot sparkle dust 01 with an Inglot 4ss brush!


I have been using this palette daily( I wear a lot of makeup when I get a chance to put it on), I also used it for a recent night out and my makeup didn’t budge! I do all my blending with cream products with a beauty blender, I find it works better than a brush.

For maximum durability, when I finish my makeup I spray Inglots makeup fixer all over my face, it helps everything stay in place!

I picked up my palette in Mc Cormacks pharmacy in Clonmel, they are available in a range of pharmacies and also on

The palette is €29.95.

I hope you found this post helpful/interesting! Thank you so much for reading!

Much Love <3

Coia Xx



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