Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette- Review

Hi guys,

I’m not a huge fan of pre made eyeshadow palettes as I feel there are always colours in them you will never use. When I spotted this palette I definitely wanted to try it out!

My main problem with pre made eyeshadow palettes is the number of shimmer eyeshadows(which I rarely use) per palette. This palette only has one shimmer and that is your highlight shadow so is great to actually have in the palette! image

I really like the colours in this palette, I think you can create a number of different looks with the tones available! The pigment is like you would expect from Urban Decay, very good! It blends very well and wears well. I’m always sure to use a primer under my eyeshadow.


The top row from left to right,

blow, nudie, commando, tempted, instinct and lethal.


Thr bottom row from left to right,

pre-game, extra bitter, faith, lockout, magnet and blackjack.

You have beautiful soft tones for a day time look, you have warm browns for a smokey eye, you can go mauve/purple with a smokey eye and grey to blue/navy. There are a lot of possibilities with this palette.

Here is a look I created using 7 shades from this palette!



So let me talk you through the look using my super professional arrows 🙂

Red arrow is highlight shade, purple arrow is first blending shade, blue arrow second blending shade, green arrow is the shade I used to start adding depth, yellow arrow adding more depth, orange arrow really darkening colour where I want it to be smokey and pink arrow is final colour to darken certain areas!

The palette is €47 and I picked mine up in Debenhams.

I hope you guys found this post helpful and like the look I created with the palette. Thank you for reading!


Much Love <3

Coia Xx



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