A little reflective post …

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been feeling a little reflective lately thinking of everything that’s happened over the last few years.

I spend most of my time looking forward and wondering what I can do next and what’s new and exciting, but sometimes it’s good to look back at how far you’ve come!

When I was 21 I was fed up of working for other people in salons I wasn’t happy in and decided to start freelance work. I then trained in makeup and everything just snow balled from there. I put in the hours and worked my A** off for two and a half years when I finally opened my own salon!

Not before announcing my pregnancy last February!!

We opened the door to the salon on the First of March! It has gone from strength to strength since we opened! I’m so pleased with how it has progressed and so delighted to reach my goal of having a salon!

In August of last year we were blessed with the best thing to ever happen us, our daughter Evvie! She was born on August 5th and has been filling our lives with so much love since!

Another project myself and Joe had been working on was rebuilding/refurbishing our home. We had been slowly getting things done for about 2 years but with Evvie’s arrival we wanted to speed things up! So we finally moved in to our own house just before Christmas last year!

In March of this year we announced exciting news for our family! News of a new arrival making Evvie a big sister.

Aaaand Hemera has been open for one year so we had a small celebration in salon at the start of March!

It feels like we’ve accomplished so much in such a short time but always pushing forward to accomplish the rest of our dreams, never getting complacent!!

So as you can all imagine my ‘free time’ is pretty limited between running a business, raising our daughter and working on the salon floor 4 days a week. However I want to make more time to blog as I really do enjoy it!

For my next post I’m considering a ‘how I juggle Mom & business’ and separating my time, please let me know if that’s something you would be interested in! I also will blog about the ‘important stuff’ like makeup and hair LOL!!

Anywho, let me know of any suggestions you might have!

Thanks so much for reading,

Much Love <3

Coia Xx


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