Running a business and raising babies.

Hi guys,

Before I get into this post let me give you a little bit of background info. I am 25 years old, I’ve been self employed since I was 21(doing freelance work), at 24 I opened my own salon. I have a nearly 9 month old baby (Evvie) and am half way into my second pregnancy.

When I became pregnant with Evvie I was adamant to open my salon. Some people said to me ‘why would I bring that much stress on myself while pregnant’ and ‘was it worth it’ and my answer always was ‘Well I certainly didn’t work my ass off for the last two and a half years to become successful to take a break and lose all my hard work’!!

And I had worked my ass off, I had put in the hours and the graft to make my business successful, it was time for me to open the salon. I had 5 months in the salon before Evvie’s arrival. 5 months where I managed to have staff that I really trusted and I knew could run the salon in my absence!

Having a baby or being pregnant never gave me an excuse to not work hard, if anything I worked harder, because now I’m not just doing it for myself anymore. I’m even more adamant to make my salon successful, and the plus side for me, I love my job!! I don’t want to not work!

And coming into my second pregnancy still will not make me slow down, I’ll have another little baba I’ll be doing it all for. Of course I want to spend as much time with my kids as possible but I also want them to see me work so hard, especially as a woman! I want them to know if there’s things you want in life you have to work hard and not to wait for anyone to give you the easy way out.

As a mother you always have guilt being away from your children, and as a business woman, you have guilt being away from your business so I always try to find a happy medium, even though it’s not always that easy!!

When I’m working, I try to fit as much as I can in to my working day! I try so as much ‘salon stuff’ that I can do while I’m in the salon. I also have a great team who just ‘get it’ and I can delegate to them.

On my days off I try to switch off from the salon and give Evvie all of my attention! I find if I’m trying to get paperwork done at home while I have Evvie, neither are getting my full attention so it’s just not worth it.

However if she takes a nap and I have time I may get some paperwork, blog work or social media work done while she sleeps, but will put the work away the minute she wakes up!

So as you can imagine there isn’t much ‘down time’ where I can just do nothing but honestly I like being busy, I like having things to do and plan and organise.

In saying all that I must accredit my team in the salon for keeping on top of things in my abscence. Count my blessings with the support I have at home, from my partner and both our families, and be ever so grateful that I managed to get myself to a position that I don’t have to give up my job to start my family!

I know this post will not be for everyone, and hey that’s ok! Each to their own, it’s just how I manage my day to day!

Thanks so much for reading!

Much love <3

Coia Xx


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