At 24 weeks pregnant I was admitted to hospital after receiving steroid injections to bring on my baby’s lungs, we were told we were in a very grave situation and that my baby might not make it but we had to give him all the help we could!

The following day I said to Joe this little baby NEEDS a name! We knew we were having a boy! Knowing the situation we were in and that if our little baby did make it he was going to have a hell of a road a head of him! So we wanted a name with some meaning, something that symbolises strength or courage or bravery!

We eventually came across the name Finley which is Gaelic for ‘Fair haired warrior’.

Something in my mind told me he would be blonde like his daddy and his sister and I was right! And as for the warrior part, well he’s definitely lived up to that so far! He has gone from a little 530gram tiny tiny baby to our 4.10 pound little buster in just under 3 months!

He has amazed us all with his strength and the fight he has put up! Against a hell of a lot of odds he pulled through all the obstacles that stood in his way!

Finley my fair haired warrior is my little hero!

Love Coia xx


2 thoughts on “Finley”

  1. And may he continue to blossom and grow Coia. Not long now before he can come home either….. stay string and enjoy watching your little warrior strive. X

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