Finley’s early arrival -WHY-

As September is prematurity awareness month (also would have been Finley’s due date) im going to write a series of blog posts about Finley’s journey. There is so much I could write about these last few months so I’m going to break it up into specific posts so I can write about each thing individually. So today’s post is the why! Why did he arrive early?

Did I go into early labour? No.

I was moved to the high risk clinic on this pregnancy because of Evvie’s weight and the issues I have with my kidney. At my 20 week scan I was at the normal clinic and everything seemed fine, my blood pressure was high but after an hour of it being monitored it seemed fine! A week later I had an anomaly scan because I was high risk, it’s an in depth scan that they can tell a lot from! At this scan I’m about 23 weeks and the nurse tells me my baby is very small, I need to eat better, relax, not stress and take time off work! She also wants me to meet the doctor the following week. So I left the hospital that day in floods of tears thinking my baby is so small and it’s my fault because of the stress I was under at work at that time and that by not looking after myself properly I wasn’t looking after him, I was so upset!

The following week on a Tuesday, I met the doctor for my scan, she again told me baby is too small and they are worried but it’s something more serious so she tells me I need to be scanned twice a week to keep a very close eye on my very small baby!

The same week on Thursday I had another scan where they noticed the blood flow from the placenta was reduced to absent! This day was a very hard day, they admitted me to hospital and gave me steroid injections to bring on my baby’s lungs, I remember being told by one of the members on my consultants team that this was a very grave situation and my baby probably wouldn’t survive.

The next morning my consultant came to my room explained to me about the placenta, told me a had pre eclampsia and put me on medication, she said that we were on alert but we hadn’t reached worst case scenario yet so she left me home for the weekend (to do nothing) and come back in for my scan Monday!

Myself and Joe arrived down Monday, I brought a pyjamas incase they’d keep me in again! I’ll never forget the face of the nurse who did this scan, she was looking at the blood flow from the placenta and her face dropped and she couldn’t look me in the eye. I explained to her that we were aware things weren’t going to plan, she got a doctor to check, they said baby cannot stay in much longer!

We were brought to a private room to meet with doctors from the NICU to explain to us if our baby survived what would happen afterwards.

I was brought to the high dependency unit on the maternity ward and hooked up to all sorts, I was constantly checked over night, they kept a close eye on baby over night and Tuesday morning I was brought to theatre for a c section!

I remeber sitting in the room waiting for my spinal, with my very small bump imagining how small my baby might be, I was terrified!!

There were a lot of people in the room, surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists, and all of the team from the neo natal! It was explained to us to not panic if we don’t hear our baby cry as he will be put on a ventilator straight away.

The anaesthetist stayed with myself and Joe and decided to pull down the cover when Finley was coming out so we could see him! He was so small, smaller than I imagined!! But, he did cry!! A little whimper, but he cried!

I didn’t see him that day as I was still in high dependency so I met him Wednesday morning in the NICU!

So that’s part one, why our Finley arrived 15 weeks early! I had no idea I had pre eclampsia, when the nurse was listing off symptoms I realised that I had some of those symptoms with a while but I didn’t know what it was! It’s good to be educated and aware of all the possibilities!

Thanks so much reading!

Love Coia <3 Xx


3 thoughts on “Finley’s early arrival -WHY-”

  1. Ah Coia, this is very emotional to read, but ye all seem to be so strong, the fear you had and all the worries you carry for little Finley it will do ye all good to share your experience with others,every day may bring little worries but they will also bring huge and precious memories too xx

  2. Wow emotional read. Your heart and joes heart must have been breaking
    But Finley proved he was strong with that little cry.
    I don’t think anyone knows the guilt a mother can feel trying to grow and protect their babies. Fair play for voicing it. Xx

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