…Tell the world I’m coming home …

I didn’t get as many blog posts up about prematurity as I would have liked this month, but what better way to end this month, prematurity awareness month than with our little man coming home!

Finley is now home a week and a half! We went down to visit him on the Sunday and his consultant was like ‘he’s ready to go home’, we weren’t expecting it so soon! So we brought him home the Monday.

He came off his oxygen 3 days before he came out of hospital, he’s not on any medication since he came home, just on a certain formula for premature babies.

Its only now when I look back and I talk to people about everything Finley went through, I realise how extremely difficult and heart breaking it all was, and I’m amazed we all got through it!

There was a few times I felt that I couldn’t keep going, that I had no energy or strength left! But you go in to the neo and see your little baby fighting so hard it just gives you the strength you need to keep going! Finley has taught me a few life lessons that I’m very grateful for!

I was very nervous and worried when he was coming out of hospital and thought I would be a nervous wreck when he got home, but after the first day, it was just perfect! It was like he was home where he belonged and all NICU stuff didn’t happen!

I cant express enough how absolutely amazing the consultants doctors and nurses are in CUMH neo natal! They are truly amazing people doing amazing work!! I could never in my lifetime repay them for what they have done for my son!

Thanks so much for reading <3

From a very happy girl who finally has her little family all under one roof xx


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  1. Coia,I am so happy to see baby Finley is home and doing so well. He is just gorgeous. Hope ye are all settled and enjoying time with baby Finley x

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