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Blonde Ambition

These pictures show how I lifted one of my client’s hair to an ash blonde! As you can see she was already blonde but there was a lot of natural colour there and it was quite brassy!

For this makeover, I used a freehand balayage technique and cling film from Framar (which I’m obsessed with) to really lift the areas that needed lifting. I used a prescription ash toner to tone the hair, the brand we use in Hemera is Alfaparf!

This type of work usually takes 3/4 hours in the salon. The balayage techniques must be applied, then it must lift, the Olaplex treatment and prescription toner must be applied, when all this is done the hair must be dried and styled.

Blonde lift to ask blonde

So, yes these colours can be achieved but it also depends on the condition of your hair and whether or not you are willing to invest in good products to keep your hair healthy!

To apply this much pre-lightener without causing damage, Olaplex must be used! We use step one Olaplex in with our pre-lightener so it prevents the hair from any further damage and also starts to repair damage that has already occurred!

Step two Olaplex is used after the colour process.

Olaplex blonde

At Hemera Olaplex can be added to your service for an added charge of €15!

Step 3 Olaplex is your take-home treatment when using this, you dampen the hair (don’t wash) and apply step 3, leave for 10-15 minutes then shampoo and condition as normal.

Products recommended to use at home were Joico Blonde Life Shampoo and Conditioner, Joico violet Shampoo and Olaplex step 3. These four products would cost approx €90 to purchase. Yes this can be pricey but to look after your hair (especially blonde) using the correct products at home is essential!!

The Blonde Life shampoo and conditioner will cost approx €32 and you can use these for every wash. They help keep minerals out of your hair and keep your blonde bright and clean.

The Violet shampoo is to be used once a week! It is purple in colour and it helps to eliminate yellow and brassy tones and keep your blonde looking clean and ashy! Highly recommend to EVERYONE with blonde hair!!

And your Olaplex step 3 (pictured above) is your treatment to be used once weekly to keep your hair in optimum condition.

We as hairdressers are responsible to keep your hair in optimum condition while in the salon, it is also our responsibility to educate our clients on home care to keep your hair healthy. It is your responsibility to use the correct products at home to keep your hair healthy!

*If you’re using Olaplex in a salon and not using good products at home you will be undoing all the good work!

Healthy Hair is Happy Hair

Thank you for reading 🙂

Much Love

Coia <3 xx


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