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Always Learning

Today, I attended the Alfaparf Academy in dublin to do the seamless colour course, which focused on balayage and blending techniques.

While we do a lot of this work in Hemera, I believe you should never stop learning and try out new techniques and listen to other people’s opinions and advice. In the hairdressing industry and in most industries I’d believe, I personally think the day you think you know everything, you’re done.

Personally I love to upskill and learn new techniques to keep my work up to date, but also it inspires me when I’m training the girls in my salon. If I’m not inspired how am I supposed to inspire them?

In fact when training the girls, it’s like I’m learning things all over again, things I learned at the start of my career, so I have to keep learning to be able to teach.

With two small kids and a busy salon to run it is hard to find the time to do a course myself and get out of the salon and learn in a new environment. I didn’t get to do much last year(with Finley’s early arrival,it wasn’t a priority) but our home/family life has fallen into place and this year I am going to make it a priority for both myself and all the girls in salon to keep learning as much as we can!

Today I tried some new techniques different to some of the ones we use in salon, some I liked and others I’ll probably stick to how we do it, but you have to try new things out. I tried out a new colour combination that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to try on a client.

If you are familiar with the salon or our social media you’ll know we are always upskilling and this year we’re going to take our training and our work to the next level. Laying the ground work for big plans to come!

Stay Inspired!!!

Thanks for reading,

Much Love <3

Coia Xx

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