This year we had our very first family holiday! This was both of the kids first time to go away on holidays. It was very special to us, especially as Finley turned one while we were there. And we had time to really reflect on the last 12 months of our lives and how far we’ve all come!
Our little man is and always will Be our superhero!

It was very different to the holidays myself and joe have been on before. Obviously!
It took us a couple of days to find our feeet and get the kids into a routine and after that we settled in well!
We’re not totally crazy bringing two babies away and thinking we are going to get total relaxation! I have family over there so we had help with the kids which was lovely and got one or two nights to ourselves.

And another thing! We got ENGAGED!! It was so lovely and relaxed and not over staged (I’m not into all that)! I would be cringing in the corner if Joe did that to. So it was perfect, with the kids and family there in a lovely little Greek restaurant up in the mountains.

The two little munchkins were in the shade as much as possible and I used the La roche Posay factor 50 sun cream for kids on them. They didn’t get sun burnt at all and we didn’t have any issues! Neither of them are overly fond of the heat, even at home they are always locking their blankets off!! They were so good over there and enjoyed having myself and joe around so much and not rushing off to work!!

PS She broke that glass about two minutes after I took that picture!!!
We didn’t take as many pictures as I thought we would, mainly because it’s busy getting us all ready and also because we were busy and more interested in enjoying ourselves!
Looking forward to next year already!

Thanks so much for reading 🙂
Love Coia <3 Xx

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